This word is no more new to us as it is been spoken of everywhere there is ear to hear it.. the question now is how many really give a listening hear to it? With all sense of responsibility I will attest to the fact this topic is so lost in the lives of most of our youths especially when perversion is the order of the season now in the world we are in, so many devastating news we hear everyday with youth involving themselves in various vices like prostitution, undignified behaviour, lustful desires etc as the list goes on. We search through for the solution to this great blunder but the question remains that can darkness solve itself? Obviously the light only can deal with the darkness. the world is in the darkness and the only thing needed for a turn around is God, the creator of light, how do we get this light? We can’t actually get without knowing the creator of it just as you can’t have a product work properly without the manual so is when you need the light to shine in your darkness, you need God, one can say I hear this every day but have you been acknowledging Him as your creator? It is not too late to, it can only be now as you see this message, and peradventure you have once have Him but lost Him the saving grace in still available,you can’t afford to lose that sweet experience forever with the devil rejoicing on gaining power over the victory on your soul… I was once lost but He found me and pull me to Himself to become a son indeed…  Be willing to allow Him now a minute later may be too late… if thou be willing and obedient you will eat the good of the land Isaiah 1:19. Read Isaiah 1:18-19